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Welcome to St. Luke's Lutheran Church!

The grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you. Wherever you come from and wherever you are going, we know God is at work to give you new life in Christ today.

St. Luke’s is a congregation committed to faithfully preaching and teaching God's Word, and serving one another in word and deed.  Through this pattern of worshipping, serving, and learning, we become witnesses to the joy and hope we share in Jesus Christ.

At least that's what we hope for.  It is easier said than done.

But we hope for this in faith because we believe Jesus is risen from the dead.  That means He is living and active in our lives, calling us to new life day after day.

We provide an ever-growing and changing variety of activities and opportunities to live out this pattern of faith.  The activities change, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ never does.

We hope you will join with us to tell people of Jesus Christ.

 Worship God Serve Your Neighbor
 Learn to Live in Faith
 Tell of Jesus Christ



Maundy Thursday

7:00 PM - Liturgy of Holy Communion (Sanctuary)

Good Friday

12:00 PM - Service of the Word (Sanctuary)

7:00 PM - The Way of the Cross (Begins at Trinity United Methodist Church; ends at St. Rose Roman Catholic Church)

Holy Saturday

8:05 PM - The Great Vigil of Easter: Liturgy of Holy Communion (Begins in the narthex/lobby; ends in the sanctuary)

Easter Sunday - The Resurrection of Our Lord

8:30-9:30 AM - Breakfast (New Life Center)

9:00 AM - Children's Message & Egg Hunt (New Life Center)

10:15 AM - Liturgy of Holy Communion (Sanctuary)


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